Bhutan have numerous wildlife species ranging from critically endangered species to most common species of the world representing one of the world’s richest biodiversity area. For tourism perspectives, birding, direct animal sighting is popular in some specific locations having virgin forests. However to sight direct wildlife (except bird species) is of enormous difficulty for passionate wildlifer due to vastness of the forest coverage and the geographical area. Some the best activities a passionate wildlifers can do are, birding (Bhutan having more than 720 bird species & some are critically endangered), elephant riding in southern foothills and trekking through pristine Himalayan region.

Some of the famous places for wildlifers are as follows:

  • Birding in Lamperi Botanical Park in Dochula Thimphu, Lamperi Royal Botanical Park is one of the famous place for nature lovers as it represents Bhutan’s varied biological diversity. It contains 48 species of Rhododendron of approximately 50 species of rhododendron recorded in country currently. Vegetation of park ranges from moist temperate broadleaved forest to alpine meadows having numerous colorful flowers and bird life.
  • Royal Mannas National Park, RMPN lies near to Indian Manas National Park which is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. It host critically endangered species such as Asiatic water Buffalo, Asiatic Elephant, Asiatic one horn Rhinoceros and golden languor. It is one day travel from Thimphu the capital city of Bhutan and it is also famous tourist sites such as rafting, trekking and birding.
  • Generally Bhutan is one of the Biological hotspot of the world representing intomalayan-indoeurasian biological realms, having world’s most important biological diversity.

“Sighting of wildlife is Random and Sudden, therefore it immerse oneself into complete pristine nature and it is different from any other wildlife rich areas where one need to travel and chase for animal sightings”.

Places to Visit

Wonderful areas of western (Haa, Thimphu, Paro, Punakha), central(Trongsa, Bumthang) and southern (Samtse, Samdrupjongkhar, Gelephu) parts of Bhutan.

Tour Duration

8 Days